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Zinc-Loc Program

The safe solution to both cleaning system deposits, and stemming the deterioration of galvanized coatings, is to implement the "Zinc-Loc" Program developed by the ACT Research and Development Field Studies Team.

Zinc-Loc is the only pH controlled program designed specifically for deposition removal and to stem the investment destroying effects of white rust while allowing your system to be placed under full load conditions.. Zinc-Loc will provide the maximum corrosion protection typically associated with the best cooling tower maintenance programs. While in effect, your system will usually be operating at higher cycles of concentration than your present program, providing you with reduced water and sewer surcharge operating cost.

With Zinc-Loc, ACT personnel will set up and monitor a temporary pH controlled chemical program during a 90-120 day period until the process is complete. We can then return your system to its normal maintenance program, or you may decide to continue on the Zinc-Loc program indefinitely.

Zinc-Loc will also clean calcium carbonate deposits in the equipment that your tower cools (chillers and process equipment) as well as the piping throughout your system.

Zinc-Loc utilizes the synergistic effects of several different chemicals to clean all your wetted surfaces, and passivate all your wetted galvanized surfaces to aid in protection from further white rust damage. Zinc-Loc may cost less than the average monthly expense of a typical chemical maintenance program while in use, save the life of your system, reduce maintenance related operating cost, and provide you the highest possible return on your system investment.

You will not incur the typical expense of your existing maintenance treatment program, normally required to treat your cooling tower system during the term of the Zinc-Loc program, so your annual chemical cost will remain about the same.

Our treatment / clean-up / passivation program includes the following:

 Our program will meet local effluent discharge limits.
 Supply temporary mobile system treatment controller equipment.
 Perform system set-up and system reconfiguration after cleaning.
 Supply all needed treatment chemicals including biocides.
 All biocides have state and federal registration.
 Supply temporary secondary containment for all chemicals.
 Supply all delivery and application of treatment chemicals including biocides.
 Perform all controller, and chemical pump equipment adjustments at least twice a week.
 No charge additional unscheduled service calls.
 Remotely monitored if you can provide a phone jack for our equipment to plug into.

Because no chemicals or equipment from your present supplier are used during Zinc-Loc: Net Zinc-Loc Cost = Zinc-Loc cost (minus) present program cost = NEW LOWER COST.