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Control ACTion

An interACTive cooling water treatment system that does so much for so little...

A new, easy to install, affordable yet dependable, computerized water treatment system. The AquaGuard remotely monitors and controls all water circuits. It now makes financial sense to integrate computerized automation with your water treatment program.

Control ACTion Provides:

Comprehensive service reports with computer generated spreadsheets and graphs showing hourly and daily fluctuations of water use, TDS, ORP, or pH, corrosion rates, temperature, and liquid levels in chemical tanks.
  Downloaded data can be easily imported into our SPC software or any spreadsheet for statistical analysis
  Remotely monitor and control multiple systems from your office computer. All you require is a PC, modem and communications software.
  Control ACTion units can be networked together so only one phone line is required
  Remarkable water savings can be achieved in cooling tower bleed by tightly controlling the TDS to ± 25 µS.
  Reduce sewer fees by logging actual blowdown vs. make up.
  Saves money since reduced water use reduces chemical consumption.
  Peace of mind: Control ACTion alarms via telephone when preset parameters are exceeded. Response can be initiated before the problem escalates.
  Increased productivity of on-site staff as other duties can be performed while Control ACTion constantly performs the water treatment functions.
  Systems with as little as 200 tons of cooling can now easily justify the installation and enjoy the financial benefits of automated water treatment.

Sample SPC X Bar and Range Chart of Langelier's Saturation Index
from our SPC Software

(click to enlarge)