Two Types of Service to Accommodate You

Technical Consultant Service 

All ACT water treatment programs are overseen by Certified Water Technologists

Technical Service Engineers, who understand that your success, is their success, are the key to achieving financial goals while meeting your environmental challenges. Your consultant, problem-solver, on-site expert and business partner will work with you and your staff to find ways to reduce operating costs, meet goals, and provide maximum return on your chemical investment. Our Technical Field Engineers understand that communication and collaboration along with a detailed plan insures proper results.

Our goals at your facility will include:

 Define customer needs
 Know the mechanics of your system
 Set mutually agreeable goals
 Collaborate on an action plan
 Confirm results
 Set new goals

Full Service with Technical Consulting Program

This program either is for facilities that do not have sufficient personnel available to perform the tasks involved or may not want their employees to be exposed to the chemicals. Our Full Service program provides ACT personnel to perform all needed chemical handling, and equipment calibration activities, to maintain your systems free of deposits and corrosion. This service is accompanied by a written guarantee that states ACT will clean at no charge any deposits formed in systems we treated. That is our way to indicate our level of confidence in the performance commitment that we made to you.

Inte-Qual Is Global Class Work Ethic

Inte-Qual is our symbol for Integrity and Quality. These qualities permeate ACT ensuring satisfaction of our customers, employees, and communities. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in free-thinking customer focus, progressive company enhancements, and employee ownership. It is how we partner in a sustainable community that will benefit all who will participate. This is a fundamental, ongoing process, and is the essence of who we are.

Our professional goals have resulted in technological advantages over our competitors. This advantage especially applies to cooling tower and boiler protection in unusually hostile chemical environments, microprocessor control instrumentation, cyanide destruction, and heavy metal removal. However, a higher priority is the methodology we employ to proactively service our customers, providing them the highest possible return on their ACT investment. These priorities have earned us a consistent level of results that develop long lasting customer relationships. Because good news travels fast, we are continually honored by being awarded increasing amounts of new business to service and protect.

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is an important part of ACT's process for helping to assure that our products are developed, manufactured, distributed, used, and disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner to protect bio-diversity. ACT is committed to adopting and maintaining its Product Stewardship Code of Management Practices throughout the world. Its focus on safety and environmental management translates into important benefits for all, including:

 Employee safety through accident prevention
 Reduced potential for medical/lost time expenses
 Minimized waste of products
 Lower liability
 Less regulatory reporting of accidents and environmental releases
 Prevention of government mandated fines

We know there is an increasing demand for safe, environmentally friendly products that perform as they were designed, and provide our customers a good return on their investment. Our Product Stewardship is designed to satisfy this increasing demand. Some of our most successful programs and services have been proactively implemented in response to industry's environmental, health, and safety requirements:

 Fast Mobile Refill Supply
 Enclosed Secondary Containment Chemical Tanks
 Bulk Delivery Service
 Material Safety Data Sheet program
 24 Hour ACT-Alert Emergency Response System

ACT's approach to safety, environmental management, and Product Stewardship is our investment in a biologically diverse and sustainable global community.

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